Charter : Officer Addendum  

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    • A Member is eligible to become an Officer as the Kinship Council deems appropriate.

    • All Officer promotions must be unanimously approved by the Kinship Council.

    • The rank of Officer is granted to a Member based on how a player conducts themselves, rather than how well or how long they have played the game. While time as a Member is taken into account when reviewing a potential Officer candidate, it is not the only consideration.

    • Traits looked for in potential Officers:
        + trustworthy
             : honest and dependable
        + loyal
             : true and faithful to their kinsman, all characters are members of the Kinship (or approved kinships), participate in Kinship activities
        + helpful
             : offers assistance when able, does things willingly without pay or reward, takes focus off of always advancing their own characters
        + friendly
             : initiate contact and interact with others
        + courteous
             : polite to others and respectful of differences between players
        + kind
             : compassion for others
        + cheerful
             : enhance other members' play experience, maintain a positive attitude, excited to participate in group activities

    • The rank of Officer is transferable with the Kinship Council's approval if a player chooses to start playing a different character as their "main" character for an extended period of time.

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    • All Officers agree and pledge to follow and support the Kinship's principles in their entirety, as outlined in the Motto, Mission Statement and Charter.

    • An Officer is expected to be the "model" member of the Kinship. They will be nice, not insult people, and will treat everyone (both Kinship and non-Kinship players) with respect.

    • Officers will foster a positive, open and welcoming atmosphere, by being helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, and cheerful.

    • An Officer's goal is to better the Kinship overall. As leaders of the Kinship, they are to serve the Kinship and all its members to the best of their ability. If they are able to, they should also be generous (e.g. willingness to give of their time and/or resources, without the expectance of compensation).

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    • Officers will maintain a simple philosophy when a player joins the Kinship:
      "Welcome names, not numbers."

    • An Officer is under no obligation to recruit players.

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    Alternate Characters
    • We prefer all characters of an Officer be members of the Kinship or approved kinships.

    • Officers should never feel obligated to always play their main character, and with the Kinship Council's approval, an Officer's alternate character is allowed the rank of Officer.

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    Officer Activity
    • Officers that have been inactive for 30 days or more, may be demoted to the rank of Member. Information found in the Charter section, "Member Activity" is then followed.

    • You are eligible to become an Officer immediately upon your return to active status prior to being removed from the Kinship. If you are removed from the Kinship for inactivity, you will need to be reselected to become an Officer by the Kinship Council.

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      Rulings on any questions or situations not defined or described by this document are made by the Kinship Council, and are considered final. The Kinship leadership reserves the right to update and modify this document as necessary with little or no warning.

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