Charter : Alliance Program  

  • a formal agreement between two or more parties
  • an association to further the common interests of the members

  • The Purpose

    Why create an alliance?

    To create a positive gaming environment, by associating with other like-minded individuals and groups.

    What are some of the benefits?

  • It will help create a stronger community between like-minded individuals and groups.

  • Smaller kinships will be able to participate in group events that require a larger number of players, yet retain their unique identities.

  • When dealing and/or playing with a person who is allied (individually or through a group), you will have the "peace of mind" knowing that they will:
    • friendly and courteous.
    • honest and trustworthy.
    • mature both in and out of games.
    • ...abide by the rules of the host.
    • to win, but NOT at the use of cheats and/or exploits.

  • Allies would be allowed to use each others' services as "guests" if the resources* allow it. Examples:
    • Join a voice program server.
    • Sign-up and participate on a forum.
    • Participate in kinship sponsored events.
    • Other items that are agreed upon by all parties.

  • Why be allied with the Guardsmen of the Free Peoples kinship?

    The Guardsmen of the Free Peoples kinship was formed so that people could enjoy playing The Lord of the Rings Online, in a fun and relaxing environment with minimal rules and regulations.

    As listed on the "Enlist" page, members of the Guardsmen are people who:

    • conduct themselves in a way that displays maturity
    • demonstrate good sportsmanship
    • show respect for fellow gamers
    We DO NOT accept or tolerate:
    • Swearing
    • Racism
    • Bigotry
    • Cheating
    • Use of exploits

    * The Guardsmen of the Free Peoples kinship is officially affiliated with the Team ORJ Computer Gaming Group, and therefore have access to services supplied by the Team ORJ group, including but not limited to the use of their 3rd-party voice server.

    Team ORJ Affiliate Program Disclaimer:
    Services (including but not limited to websites, forums, chat rooms, game, voice or other servers) running under the Team ORJ name are maintained by their respective Owner (including but not limited to the owner, host or operators) and are not under direct control of Team ORJ or its policies. The Owner of a Service does retain full rights of any such Service including but not limited to restricting or denying access to any or all Services with little or no warning.

    The Owner of a Service is under no obligation to fulfill any contract, either by verbal, written or otherwise, to the Guest (defined as any connected party or user of the mentioned Services, including but not limited to Team ORJ members, affiliates or other individuals) and cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred from using such Services. The Owner is not required to supply any information, materials, products or services to the Guest. Access and use of above said information, material, products and services is solely at the Guest's own risk.

    Any and all information collected (including but not limited to IP addresses or conversations) while the Guest is connected to any Service may or may not be used to report any or all activity to the appropriate authorities, including if any damage or harm is incurred by the Guest. The Owner cannot be held responsible by any means for access and/or use of the above said information.

    Please note:
    Some or all of Team ORJ Services are being hosted on personal equipment, and at any given moment may have some or all Services taken offline, with little or no warning. While the Owner will attempt to let the connected Guest know a Service will become unavailable as a courtesy, there are occasions when they do not have the opportunity due to unforeseen circumstances or other external factors.