About Us  

Excerpts from, The History of the Guardsmen of the Free Peoples:

...a small group of individuals, who were no longer content to allow things to continue down a road of despair, decided it was time for the Free Peoples to step forward and share the burden of their protectors, the Rangers. The recent rumors of a shadow emerging from Angmar was the change of tide that caused many to take up arms. But as the Rangers knew so well, the enemy was indeed an ever threatening menace, one that never slept, always growing in strength, with no regards for the value of life.

     If they were to stand in the face of the enemy, they had to form as a group. Men had to set aside their own needs and take up a greater cause. Dwarves and Elves had to set aside their many years of differences and stand side-by-side. Even Hobbits had to find the courage to step beyond the boundaries of their land into an unknown large world. To take control of their intertwined destinies, they all had to unite as one. If they did not, they would be crushed beneath the feet of the enemy. Those not as lucky would become enslaved, witnessing not only the destruction of their homes but the demise of their loved ones.

. : .          . : .          . : .

...as guardsmen to their fellow Free Peoples, they would not only defend their lands, but take the fight to the doorstep of the enemy. No longer would they sit idly by, waiting for their fate to be given to them at the end of a sword. The time to fight the forces of evil and to defend and uphold Middle-earth was at hand. The time had arrived for the Guardsmen of the Free Peoples to become a beacon of hope to all those oppressed by the enemy.

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We are a group of people that enjoy playing the game, The Lord of the Rings Online. The Guardsmen of the Free Peoples is a Rank 10, mixed kinship, located on the North America server, GLADDEN* (originally on VILYA*). It was founded by members of Team ORJ, and based the kinship on the idea of keeping it a fun and relaxing, drama-free, mature environment with minimal rules and regulations, while also encouraging casual role-playing. As so many of us nowadays, we are all busy with "real life"; when time permits, we enjoy being able to meet with friends online, and protect the Free Peoples of Middle-earth from the forces of darkness.

* VILYA: This server is named after the Ring of Air, the mightiest of the Three Rings of the Elves, owned first by Gil-galad, who later gave it to Elrond. Made of gold and set with a large sapphire, it helps Elrond preserve the beauty of Rivendell.

* GLADDEN: This server has the name of two important places in Middle-earth, Gladden Fields and Gladden River. Gladden Fields was once a place where hobbits lived and the place where Sméagol (or Gollum), and Déagol came from. Gladden River was the river where Isildur was ambushed and killed by Orcs.

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  Guardsmen Motto  

.:. to defend and uphold .:.

  • to drive danger or attack away from
  • to take action against attack or challenge

    transitive verb
  • to support against an opponent
  • to continue to declare to be true or proper despite opposition or objections
  • to hold up or serve as a foundation for

  • . : .

      Guardsmen Mission Statement  

    As Guardsmen of the Free Peoples:
    .:. We will guard and defend Middle-earth with vigilance and force, warding off actual or threatened attacks.

    .:. We will safeguard the Free Peoples, and uphold the laws of the land.

    .:. We will give assistance to those in need, without any expectation of a reward.

    .:. We will stand together as a united group against the enemies of Middle-earth, remaining loyal to our calling and our fellow Guardsmen.